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The Eve Clinic is a Health and Nutrition Clinic offering specialist services in English and Portuguese.

Dr Eve, PhD (Clinical and Non-clinical Nutrition) is a Brazilian Nutritionist offering general nutrition consultations and evidence-based dietary advice and prescription to clients whether suffering from clinical conditions or not.

If you come to Eve Nutrition for a consultation we will start by looking at your particular situation:

Why are you consulting us? What do you eat and drink? What are your physical condition and activity patterns? What are your attitudes to food?

Then we will scientifically analyse the information gathered to see whether you would benefit by changing your intake of specific nutrients. You might need to reduce or increase the amount of some nutrients to enable you to achieve your goals and take control of your health. If you do, then we will advise you what changes would be beneficial.

Sometimes this is enough; but other times people find it difficult to change their diets in the way that they need to. It is reasonably easy to eat a different diet for a short time, but to permanently change your diet for the better you must feel comfortable with what you eat.

We have a lot of experience in helping people to make these changes. Sometimes it is a matter of identifying the smallest necessary changes to your own diet, rather than trying to adopt some new magic diet. We are able to work in this way with diets from anywhere in the world – not just European or western diets.

Sometimes we need to help you work to recognise and understand your negative thoughts and feelings and how they can cause bad eating habits, and learn to build on your positive strengths to overcome them.

We also offer:

  • Body Composition Analysis using the latest bio-electrical impedance technology

  • Personal exercise prescription plans tailored to your specific needs to lose or gain weight or just keep in shape

  • Home visits if it is difficult for you to come to us.

Human Nutrition is a complex field. New scientific evidence is constantly being presented on some influence of diet on a medical condition. And so-called “miracle” diets without any scientific backing are constantly being marketed.

We believe that nutritional advice needs to be based on the best, most up-to-date scientific evidence, and must take account of people’s individual like, dislikes, and situations.

Our client Lucio Furtado “Lagarto” Rodrigues won Gold in the Superheavy black belt class of the European Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship on 23rd to 26th January 2014 in Lisbon. His student Clarissa Jane Blackaller also won Gold in the Blue belt Female Medium Heavy class. Well done Team Lagarto!





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